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Silent Meditation

Duration: 4/ 7/ 14/ 21/ 28 Days

"Remember one thing: except for silence, everything else is your imagination – howsoever beautiful, because only in your silence are you close to very center of existence." - Osho

What is Silent Meditation?

From the moment of waking up till the last moment of falling asleep, our mind keeps seeking & desiring something. Silent meditation makes you conscious of this pattern & helps in breaking it away. Its main objective is to provide you space where you seek & desire nothing, not even God. Simply just being available to yourself & cherishing your own company. That is the whole art of Silent Meditation 'doing nothing'.

Silent meditation is not about escaping life but providing you the strength to face the world with a clear understanding of yourself.

How Silent Meditation works


The external noises - phone, tv, news, etc. & the internal noises - thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. fill our everyday life. Also, it affects our mental clarity to see things as they are. Due to our ignorance, we give ourselves away to these noises quite easily & they start taking hold of our daily life. As a result of this, we suffer much in our personal & social life. 

The Silent meditation retreat here at Him River Resort allows you to break away from all these disturbances so that you can start seeing yourself in a better light. 

In this retreat, you will stroll silently through the woods and listen to the music of life for the pleasure of being. Silent walking will help you to become aware of simple things in your life that have previously bypassed your attention. While sitting beside the river Ganges feel yourself becoming one with the flow of life & watch how slowly & slowly your whole being starts moving effortlessly. It will help you cross many obstacles in Life pleasantly.

The philosophy class conducted here at Him River Resort is not about teaching old gospels or methodologies but providing the guests the space to be genuine. They must ask questions that arise out of their being & not borrowed from somebody else. Therefore, once you're yourself & me myself, then we can communicate & go deeper into the questions together & develop a fresh understanding.

Immerse yourself in the culture of India by taking local village tours & learning about their lifestyle by direct participation with them. This experience helps in adding more contrast to your life. All is set at Him River Resort with beautiful mountains all around and River Heul flows next to it which makes your stay a memorable one.

Image by Jan Kopřiva


Moving more closer to yourself.

Emptying yourself of all ideologies and everything of the past.

Daily silent meditation, philosophy class, and satsang.

Accommodation in nature surrounded by mountains and close to River Ganges.

Meeting the local people and experiencing their lives and way of living.

Local village tours for cultural immersion.

3 daily organic vegetarian meals.


  • 06:30: silent walking meditation

  • 08:00: breakfast

  • 10:00: philosophy class

  • 11:30: silent meditation

  • 13:00: lunch

  • 16:00: high tea

  • 16:30: local village tour/ sightseeing 

  • 18:00: silent meditation

  • 19:00: dinner

  • 20:00: satsang

  • 21:00: sleep


Private accommodation


No. of days



Shared accommodation



river view room




river view room





a) Accommodation on private/ twin sharing basis.
b) 3 times organic meals with high tea.
c) Transfer cost during tours/ sightseeing.
d) All activities mentioned under schedule.



a) Personal Insurance & Expenses.
b) Tips and Gratuities.
c) Payment transfer charges.
d) Anything not mentioned under the head inclusions.

How to reach Him River Resort 

Plane on Runway


The nearby airport is the Jolly Grant Airport (DED), 30 kms from Him River Resort & is well connected to other airports of India.

Taxi On Bridge


A private cab can be arranged to reach Him River Resort from any nearby towns/cities.

Inside a Train


Rishikesh railway station (RKSH) is 13 kms from Him River Resort & from there you may hire a taxi to reach us.

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