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Art therapy retreat in Rishikesh

Art Therapy

Duration: 7 & 14 Days

“A creative person is one who has insight, who can see things nobody else has ever seen before, who hears things that nobody has heard before—then there is creativity.” - Osho

 What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that offers a liberal space to express yourself as you are with the active art-making & counseling process. It helps you develop an understanding of your true self so that you can meet life with Intelligence.

It is conducted under the guidance of a professional art therapist who is disciplined in Psychology, Philosophy & Art. The creative art process & tools utilized are a medium of communication between you & the Art therapist, which helps the latter to access your psyche & provide guidance accordingly. Art therapy is focused on the process & not on the result. 

Art therapy retreat in Rishikesh

Understanding the Psyche

Art therapy retreat in Rishikesh

Before we proceed with how Art therapy works, it's quite essential first to understand the play of the human psyche or mind. 

As we progress from the stages of the human life cycle, we face many challenges on the way. To some of them, we respond spontaneously & efficiently but to some overwhelming challenges, we fail to respond accordingly. The meeting of the challenge with an inapt response forms an incomplete experience that leaves its traces in the psyche with all its potential energy. All our suppressed emotions, feelings, and thoughts comprise of this incomplete experience & get stored up in the deeper levels of the psyche or the unconscious mind. 

These suppressed emotions, feelings & thoughts with their potential energy look for expression. As we go through life we tend to accumulate more & more of this suppressed potential energy due to our inability to respond to many challenges of life. When not given a way of expression these suppressed potential energies start leaking from the unconscious mind into the conscious mind & interferes with our daily life. This interference makes it difficult for us to see things clearly & affects our personal & social life. 

Unless & until these trapped potential energies are released & given a way of self-expression, it's not possible to have clarity. Without clarity, there won't be an understanding of ourselves & life. Only with the understanding, we can be a light unto ourselves.

 How Art Therapy works

Art therapy retreat works in Rishikesh

Art therapy is a technique to release those trapped potential energies in a safe & healthy way with the help of artistic methods like drawing, painting & coloring. The process of Art making sets the perfect rhythm between the mind, body & spirit to allow channelizing these energies. 

Once the rhythm is attuned, you become a medium for the inexpressible and the unknown. Through you, the inexpressible finds its expression and the unknown comes into the known. It's a purging of all the conditioning that's been accumulated by you consciously & unconsciously throughout the years. 

Only after this purge, communication is possible through the right words. Therefore, Art therapy makes you die to the psychological past & you're born again with increased self-awareness & personal insights which promotes greater quality of life.   

Benefits of Art therapy in Rishikesh

Benefits of Art Therapy

Mental clarity

Increased self-confidence

Builds psychological resilience

Improvement in personal & social life

Develops understanding, self-awareness & creativity

Helps in giving expression to emotions, feelings & thoughts


  • 06:30: silent walking meditation

  • 08:00: breakfast

  • 10:00: art therapy

  • 11:30: philosophy

  • 13:00: lunch

  • 15:00: silent meditation

  • 16:00: high tea

  • 16:30: local village tour/ sightseeing 

  • 19:00: dinner

  • 20:00: satsang

  • 21:00: sleep


Private accommodation


No. of days



Shared accommodation



river view room




river view room




a) Accommodation on private/ twin sharing basis.
b) 3 times organic meals with high tea.
c) Transfer cost during tours/ sightseeing.
d) All activities mentioned under schedule.



a) Personal Insurance & Expenses.
b) Tips and Gratuities.
c) Payment transfer charges.
d) Anything not mentioned under the head inclusions.

How to reach Him River Resort 

art therapy retreat in Rishikesh


The nearby airport is the Jolly Grant Airport (DED), 30 kms from Him River Resort & is well connected to other airports of India.

Taxi On Bridge


A private cab can be arranged to reach Him River Resort from any nearby towns/cities.

Inside a Train


Rishikesh railway station (RKSH) is 13 kms from Him River Resort & from there you may hire a taxi to reach us.

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